Medical Toilet

The Dignity Chair provides clients across the country with a dependable toilet aid seat. This product is trusted by professionals throughout the medical field. The medical toilet seat is great for both patients and caregivers alike, as it provides an easier use of the toilet for all involved. We are located in Texas, but we ship our product nationwide.

Medical Toilet Benefits

One of the best aspects of this medical seat is its simplicity. It runs off a small, rechargeable battery, which means it will take up less space in the bathroom and can be easily charged when the time comes. There is also a switch that is located on the arm rest that raises or lowers the toilet seat to the desired height of the user. This allows for people of all heights to use it in a convenient fashion, which makes it great for the medical field. It can be easily placed into a bathroom and used by those who come in and require it.

Medical Toilet Manufacturer

The Dignity Chair is dependable and there is no installation required. It is built on a walker-type frame and can sit sit on the floor surrounding the toilet. This allows for easy access to the toilet. If you are interested in this product, please contact us today. You may call inventor Robert Chapa by dialing 432-337-6901 to learn more about The Dignity Chair and how it can help you. The chair has a wide range of uses for people in many different situations and is a great medical toilet seat for those in need of a little assistance. And if you are hesitant to purchase the chair, we also offer rental options that are affordable and do not come with a long commitment.