Raised Toilet Seat

The Dignity Chair is a toilet aid that helps patients and caregivers alike. For those who need help getting on and off of the commode, whether due to age or surgery, calling for help is always embarrassing for both the patient and the caregiver. Whether the patient is at home or in a health care facility, it is very awkward—not to mention being a physical challenge for the caregiver.

There is no shame in needing a little help to maneuver and to the toilet seat. Our raised toilet seat lends an extra hand to those in need. For many, this assistance is useful and necessary. We ship this product around the country, so anybody in need has access to the toilet assistance they require. With our breakthrough technology, we offer the ability for anybody in need to have a self-assisted toilet seat that is comfortable and restores your dignity in the process. For those that need it for medical reasons or those that need them due to father time catching up, this raised toilet seat can work wonders. Grab your freedom back today!

Consultations Regarding A Raised Toilet Seat

The Dignity Chair has years of experience manufacturing and distributing a wonderful raised toilet seat. This toilet aid is perfect for those who need assistance getting on and/or off the toilet seat. The Dignity Chair basically does what its name implies—helps restore dignity in a situation where it has been hard to come by. DIGNITY RESTORED Dignity Chair inventor and builder Robert Chapa can demonstrate how it helps to get patients on and off the commode. If you would like a in-home or in-facility demonstration, please contact us to make an appointment. Please call the inventor of this chair, Robert Chapa, by dialing 432-337-6901 today. He will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding this raised chair.