Toilet Assist For Seniors

The Dignity Chair gives people who have trouble moving the ability to have more freedom and use the toilet without much assistance. Calling for help can be embarrassing, but using the bathroom is a must for everybody. For many seniors, their freedom and mobility can almost seem restricted when it comes many aspects of their lives. But with the Dignity Chair, seniors will be able to freely move to the bathroom with our fantastic toilet aid seating. It is a great tool for many and helps both patients and caregivers alike. To learn more about our toilet assist for seniors, please give us a call at (432) 337-6901 today. We well answer any questions or concerns you may have about The Dignity Chair and how it provides great toilet assistance for seniors. The owner and creator of the chair, Robert Chapa, will personally handle any requests you have about his product.

Toilet Assist Features

How this chair works is that it allows an individual to lower their body to a seating position that is comfortable on the toilet seat. They then are able to raise themselves to a standing position on their own and without the help of someone else. This toilet assist assist for seniors can do wonders for seniors who have difficulty moving around and allows for an easy and simple way to use the bathroom.

We provide both a Mobile Dignity Chair and a Standard Dignity Chair. The mobile option allows for users to be easily transported to a regular toilet, instead of using other tools, such as a bedside commode. The standard version of the chair assists those who have difficulty standing up from the toilet. Both options provide the user with a much simpler trip to the bathroom and can ease the day-to-day burden of having to get up and use the restroom.

Toilet Assist For Seniors Manufacturers  

Our products are manufactured at the highest standard to ensure optimal use and lifespan. Although this sort of toilet assistance is great for seniors, our chairs are perfect for anybody who struggles to move around. There can be various reasons why someone needs a little assistance when going to and from the bathroom, but no matter the reason our chair is there! For more information about our toilet assist for seniors and how it works, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about The Dignity Chair's toilet assist features. We look forward to providing you with any answers you may need concerning our trusted and reliable chairs.